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first aid courses

In need of First Aid Courses?

Our First Aid courses are available for companies and the general public as well. We have a wide range of courses available, but if you find one that isn’t listed that you want to undertake please contact us with your specific requirements. We are always happy to help in finding the course to suit your training needs.

There’s no doubt that our first aid courses for the workplace helps save lives; they prevent accidents from happening, stop minor problems or injuries becoming major ones and providing your employees with proper training can only be a good thing. Equipping your employees with first aid skills will ensure a safer working environment for all.

That doesn’t mean to say that if your workplace does not require a first aid qualification then you don’t need one. There are many benefits to around the home and in general when taking first aid courses. Our courses teach you life support skills, emergency first aid skills, resuscitation, baby and young children first aid, epi-pen training and much more. All of these skills could easily come in use for the general public when home or out and about. Taking these courses will give you the confidence to be prepared and to know what to do.

Please find below a range of first aid courses.

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